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2048 Public

The Bachelorette TSM Bracket League

Don't forget to tweet during the episodes using #TSMBachBracket, bitches!

315 Public

OFFICIAL RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Bracket!

OFFICIAL Rupaul's Drag Race Bracket for Season 8! Choose who stays and who goes each week, and get points for correct predictions! Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman... WIN!

272 Public

RuPaul Season 9 Week to Week Tournament

RuPaul Season 9 Week to Week Tournament! Polls close 1h before the episode airs each week and scores will be updated after each episode!

222 Public

Chel Loves Wine's Bachelorette Bracket

Welcome to Chel Loves Wine's Bachelorette Bracket! Here is hoping and praying that our girl Jojo ends up with a decent man and a pretty rock. Please read all competition rules and see for more details. Please note you must fill out the email form on to be officially entered. If you do not fill out that form your bracket will be voided. Winner will be chosen based on scoring system through the website. Winner will be sent Chel Loves Wine prize package. All brackets must be complete before second episode (May 30, 7:59 EST) airs. Contestants must be following @chelloveswine on Instagram to be eligible. Contestants must be 21 years of age and a resident of the United States and Minor Outlying Territories. Please contact me via the email form on my website ( if you have any questions!

205 Private

BEN10 - Bekky's Bachelor(ETTE) Blog

Let's gossip, rant and rave about our favorite show! The Bachelor(ETTE)!!! Weekly reminders and standings will be posted into my blog group:

176 Private

THE LADYGANG LEAGUE [Nick's Week to Week Game]

Semi-friendly Ladygang Bachelor league.

163 Private

W Girls

W Girls! Let's watch together as our Denver boy Ben goes on his quest to find the woman of his dreams! The winner of this bracket after the final rose will receive a $300 gift card to W, and the runner up will receive a $150 gift card! Cheers to a fun season!

160 Public

RuPaul Season 9 Ultimate Prediction Bracket

PICK ALL PREDICTIONS NOW - RPDR Season 9 Pick all your predictions now - increasing number of points after 3 eliminations and bonus points for predicting the winner, miss congeniality and a possible returner to the competition if that should happen! I will award +8 bonus points manually if you correctly predict a double sashay/shantay.

150 Public

Skimmbachelors - JoJo

Skimm'bassadors' Bachelor League for JoJo's season! After signing up, join the Skimmbachelors GroupMe group chat for updates, questions, notifications and smack talking!

121 Public

Drama Mamas

Who will win Benny's little heart?

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