The Standard Game


The Standard Game is a style of gameplay where players will make their picks early in the season and the picks will remain "locked" for the rest of the season. Generally, early in the season means before the first or second week.

By default the brackets will "lock" before the east coast airing of the first episode. Locking means that no member of the game will be able to edit their own bracket until it is "unlocked". However, your league administrator can lock and unlock rounds at any given time. So, it is possible to have brackets remain open until the airing of the second week, or any other week that suits your leagues needs.


Scoring of the brackets will happen after the west coast airing of the episodes and generally be available by noon of the following day. It is all done automatically for you and you do not have to calculate anything yourself.

Once a season starts, league administrators will also have the ability to click on a "Score Now" button which will score all brackets within their league at any given time. The scoring will be compared to the current state of the master bracket. The score now button is there in case someone joins your league late, and you need to manually have them catch up and be scored. Most of the time you will not need to use this function.

The Master Bracket

The Master Bracket is the bracket which is for your reference and shows all the correct picks currently in the season.

Standings and Winning

Standings are computed by how many points each player in a league has and ordered by first place has the highest points to the last place has the lowest points.

The winner of the league will be the person with the most points at the end of the season.

Why choose The Standard Game?

Your bracket picks in the standard game method of playing have a lot more importance and weight than in week-to-week since you can't change them once brackets have been locked. You must use your knowledge and intuition after reading the contestant bios and/or watching the first episode to get a feel for who you think will make it to the end and be the last pick. An early assumption could end up hurting you, but a good call on a sleeper pick could lead you to victory!