The League Admin Panel

If you have created your own league you can access the league admin panel to take care of all things related to managing a league.

For the most part you won't have to do much on the admin panel unless you want further customization and control over your league. Below is an outline of all the functions you can perform in the admin panel.

General Information

Edit Basic Game Information

In the General Information panel you can update the league name and league description. Once you finish making changes, a save button will appear which you will need to click to save the changes.

Bracket Privacy

Bracket Privacy Settings

This setting dictates whether other members of your league can see each others brackets. A setting of public means all brackets are visible. A setting of private means that players within a league can not see each other's brackets.

League Privacy

The League Privacy Setting

This is the invite type of your league. If your league is set to "Invite Only" you will find a link to send to people in the "Sharing" section of the admin panel. See the image for descriptions on other league types.

Bracket Locking

Bracket Round Locking

By default a sponsored game league (Standard or Week-to-Week) will follow a bracket locking pattern. However, if you wish to customized this you can and allow brackets to be locked or unlocked at any time. See the following blog post for more info: Bracket Round Locking Blog Post.


Sharing your League with Friends

You can share your league with friends if you like. For "Invite Only" leagues you will find a link here that you can send to friends. Once they click on that link they will be automatically joined to your league if they are a registered user.

League Image Editing

Editing your League Image

You can edit your league image in the Image Editing section. This is the image that others will see when attempting to join your league.

League Removal

Deleting a League

It is possible to delete your league if you want. See this blog post about deleting your league for more information.

Approve Pending Players

Pending Player List

If your league is a private league that requires approval, you will find a list of players that have requested to join your league on the right hand side of the admin page. You can choose to accept or reject their join requests.