Editing Your Bracket

To get started editing your bracket you'll need to head over to the desired bracket's edit page. This can be found by going to the page of a league you are in and then clicking on Edit Bracket, or by going to the My Leagues page and finding a bracket for the league that you are in.

Once you are on the Edit Bracket page, it should have your bracket in the middle panel, on the bottom a panel of contestants, and on the right side some saving and sharing information.

The Bracket Edit Page

For each round there are blue labels which show the # of contestants which are allowed to be added, the status of whether the round is "open" or "closed" and the # of points each correct pick is worth.

A Bracket Round's Status

To add a contestant, you need a Javascript enabled browser to click and drag a contestant over to the panel you want to drop them into. They will then be added to that round and the contestant totals should update. You can not drag over more than the allowed number of contestants. When you have dragged over the max number of contestants, then the # of contestants will turn green to signify you are at the max.

Contestants Dropped in a Round

A Completed Round - All Contestants Dropped

When you are done editing you must press the save button otherwise your edits will not be recorded. The save button is on the top right corner of the page.

You can also hover over a dropped contestant to see some options. The two options are "Propagte" and "Remove". Propagate will add this contestant down to the next round without you having to drag them over again. So if you know you have "Jenny" winning, you can put "Jenny" in round one and then just click the down arrow to "Propagate" her to the last round! There is also a Remove function that will alllow you to remove the contestant from the current round and automatically takes them out of all subsequent rounds!

When you hover over a contestant in a bracket round, you get added controls such as the ability to "propagate" or "remove" them.

Remember, once you are finished editing to hit the save button. From here, you can then share or view your bracket, or return to your league home page!