In this page we'll guide you through creating a league. A prerequisite to league creation is being a member of The Bachelor Bracket, if you are not registered you can find out more info here.

Navigate your browser to the All Leagues page where you will see a combination of promoted leagues and player created leagues. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a "Create New League" button. Click this to enter the league creation page.

There are only 5 pieces of information you need to fill out in order to create your league and start adminstrating it:

Your League Name

This is the name of your league. It can be anything you like. Such as: "XYC Corp. Bachelorette Bracket league" or "Delta Gamma Bachelorettes" or "The Smith Family Fun League!". Please refrain from anything vulgar though.

Set a Game Type

We offer a few different styles of Game Play for The Bachelor Bracket. Each style has different strategies associated with it. And, next to each option is a small summary of the game type. However, if you need more information you can click on the link asking you to learn more about the game types. Generally we recommend Week to Week as a fun option.

The Privacy Settings

There are three privacy settings your league can have. Public means that it is joinable by all registered members of The Bachelor Bracket and will show up in searches. Private means that anyone can attempt to join, but they will not be a member of the league until you approve them. Lastly there is Invite Only which means the league is not searchable and members can join only if you give them a link to the league.

Set a description

To give more context for your league you can set a description for it. This description could have league rules, or information about the group creating it. Basically whatever you want - a lot or a little information, whatever you feel like.

Set an Image

This is the image that shows up when people see your league. We apply an image by default if you do not provide one.

Click Create

The last thing to do is click the "Create League" button at the bottom. This will then initialize your league and redirect you to your league home page. Your league is now all set for people to join and start creating brackets!

By creating a league you have also creating yourself a bracket for this league. And, you can now begin editing it. Information about how to edit your bracket can be found here. Editing your bracket isn't necessary immediately, what you probably want to do is invite more people to join your league! Continue on to find out how.

If your league is a Public or Private league, you can give anyone the direct URL of your league like http://thebachelorbracket.comleagues/11526 where 11526 is your league number which you can see in your address bar.

But, more simply you can go to your leagues Admin Panel and scroll down to the "Sharing" pane. This pane has one button each to share with players on Facebook or Twitter. Once shared they have a link they can click on to join. Or, beneath the buttons is a link that you can also share with players. Anyone you give the link to can join your league.

Your league is now ready, and you're now ready to invite people to play in your league. All that is left to do is edit your own bracket and as "commissioner" of your league is to get the troops in order. Be sure to utilize the Admin Panel for a variety of adminstrative features for your league. These include:

  • Editing Privacy
  • Changing Description/Name/Images
  • Inviting Players
  • Awarding custom points
  • Unlocking and Locking rounds
  • ...and more!...

Oh yeah, don't worry about that. After the episodes each week, we'll automatically score the brackets and rank everyone in your league. Have fun!