The Bachelor Bracket

Fantasy Game Fun for the Reality TV World

Step One

Gather your Friends
Step Two

Make the Perfect Bracket
Step Three

Win it All!

Welcome to The Bachelor Bracket!

The Bachelor Bracket turns the drama, twists, turns, and eliminations which happen on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality TV shows into a game that can engage with online amongst others!

You create a bracket that predicts how far you think a contestant will last until they fail to receive a rose. For each prediction that you get right, you receive points. And, predictions occurring further in the season, generally earn more points.

At the end of the season, the person with the most points is the winner.

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Fun and Easy Bracket Editing

This season we introduce a new Bracket Editor which was redesigned to make bracket editing easier and more versatile.

Hovering over a contestant presents a button to advance or propagate the contestant to the next round.

No more dragging the same contestant over and over!

Enjoyable League Experience

Many exciting leagues exist for you to join. You can create your own too!

Your League Home Page has been redesigned to be cleaner and show you the information which matters most!

Easily see player rankings and messages.

Important Notifications show up in their own panel.

Many Gameplay Options

Additional Bracket Game Styles are now available to play!

Traditional or Week-to-Week!

New: Play a week-to-week style gameplay where you only fill out your bracket for the upcoming rose ceremony.

Or, play the traditional way and fill out all spots at the beginning!

Leave the Paper, Pencil, and Calculator at Home

No more need to keep track of everyone's brackets on paper and pencil.

We'll automatically score and update brackets and rankings after each episode for you!

Invite friends, family, and co-workers to play across the globe!

Lock brackets to prevent cheating from 'you know who' ... there's always one person.

Same Great Experience, New Look

Ready to play? I am!